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NEWnesss @ Miels Dandy Uber Clothing

Published August 23, 2010 by myprettyjunk

so pretty hereLet me tell you I love these people Mika and Miel make the best stuff everytime . Always good stuff,,,,,,,, Here I just got a nice new outfit to show off  its so cute Country Flare , so i took a little tp trip to Pixel Modes T Town perfect spot for a photo shoot. Best you got get your selfs some cowboy boots that change textures to lovely colors !! only boots you will ever want or need , as well as the skirt and top have texture changers too! and you can mix and match parts !!! so cute so much fun ,, I am sure gonna keep this on till someone complains haha I need to change I LOVE IT ,, you hear me I DO really LOVE IT, this would be the prefect outfit to wear too with the new horses that are coming  out at the end of the month. But until then go get your country wear and give it a ride ,,     Id LOVE IT……  yeahawwwww get a mosey on what ever that realy is and ride on down yonder to Miels and get your self some new duds,,,,

its simply to darn cute

Published June 6, 2010 by myprettyjunk
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