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The New store is OPEN !

Published August 19, 2010 by myprettyjunk

peeking over the fence

I started a new store since the shape store land is gone. I realized anyways I like making other things More so Here you will find ,, My Pretty Junk,, which could be prim nails, home decor, Lots of trees and tons of flowers ,,,, and well anything I can squeeze into my space. So Please feel free to come look around grab a few freebies Hidden around the store,,,, I can’t tell you what the freebies are BUT  I will tell you there is 5 of them lurking for you to find so go have some fun ,,,,,,,,,,,,, here is your limo COPY it into local chat in SL and bam your on your way

Hope you enjoy My Pretty Junk as much as I enjoy creating it

Zarra Giha